Testimonials 2019

Mary G ( client, Physical Therapist, colleague and friend)

I have known Carrie for several years, first as a co-worker in a hospital setting, later as my practitioner and finally as my friend.

I find Carrie to be not only smart and knowledgeable, but wise, patient and thoughtful, with the ability to advocate for her patients while being respectful and collaborative with the team. Her sense of humor is always appropriate and appreciated.  She is always professional and creates a safe and peaceful ,healing environment. She is a kind, grounded woman who continues to explore and expand her own life while helping others find the best within them self. 

Tom R (client, living space contractor and friend)

I have known Carrie for more than 8 years as a "customer" and a professional who has helped me through some tough physical challenges. I came to Carrie with a shoulder problem . I was unable to raise my right arm above shoulder height without pain. This effected my profession and work. Carrie approached the problem from all aspects of my physical being and came up with a solution that corrected the problem with just one visit . Each and every time I have sought out Carrie's care  or referred others she has consistently been methodical and thoughtful and there are always excellent results. 

Becky P (client, neighbor and friend)

Carrie is a caring individual that has a pure heart that is spiritual and curing. Her therapies are well prepared and beautifully executed and the results are dramatic.... Energy and spiritual healing combined with intense feeling and caring.

Peter V ( client, Physical Therapist, colleague and friend)

Carrie and I have exchanged services and worked together for several years.

Carries intuition is "spot on"

After months of having neck and back pain ,myself ,I asked Carrie to provide some therapy. 

After one, 1 hour craniosacral therapy session, I am nearly pain free. Amazing.