Prices include pre-visit contact, and after visit follow up.  

I am not contracted with Insurance companies but prices are always negotiable.

Holistic Casemanagement- -Body, and Energy Work

Intake, Introduction and Experiential Visit - 90 minutes

$150 for 90 minutes

Introduction to the practice and setting Goals and Intentions for our work together.  Based on goals experiencing energy and bodywork may be part of the intake.

Treatment Session

 60 or 90 minutes

$120/60 minutes and $150/90minutes

May include health consultation, energy and or body work.  Each session is individual to your needs at that time.


AND/ OR clearing for a place or space that impacts your life in ways you  experience as "stuck", stagnant , heavy or confusing.  In other words, energy that is creating challenges  in relationships, projects, finances, health  and business etc.

At your site: $150.00/hr + travel if greater than 30 mile

Nursing Consultation

Meeting at my site or your site to discuss personal or family planning goals. ie calls to Insurance companies to navigate coverage and billing and appeals. Family meetings regarding heath considerations (need for home care, rehab , long term care or end of life discussions and planning) OR my visiting your space/ land/home/office to provide energetic, shamanic space clearing services.

Sessions at my office site

$120.00 per hour

Session at YOUR site (home, land, office hospital..etc.)

$150 per hour + travel if greater than 30 miles

I will visit your home, land, office, or loved ones setting  to set goals and begin the process of navigating challenging, or unclear healthcare needs  ie  Health Insurance questions (bills, appeals, calls),Mediating family discussions around health decision making and support end of life discussions and planning .